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About Jo Sykes

Jo Sykes is the Founder of ChanCes Charity.

A day in the life: Jo Sykes in Australia

Jo wakes up at a leisurely pace (she’s never been a morning person) and heads into her husband’s office where she has managed to commandeer not one, but two desk spaces. She turns on the computer and is bombarded with emails written in broken-English about the trials and tribulations of life in Uganda. Armed with an extra-hot skim cappuccino she begins the climb from the bottom of the pile to the top of the email mountain.

Before she knows it lunch has come around. By this stage she’s already touched based with her on the ground project managers, been in talks with various principles, even a pygmy king. Much of her day is spent what can only be described as problem solving. Staying back late at the office or continuing to take this work home until 10pm at night on occasion she powers on with the determination and tenacity needed for charity work.

A day in the life: Jo Sykes in Uganda

HenryJo is currently organising her 9th visit to Uganda since 2010. As soon as the plane touches down on Ugandan soil Jo is on a mission. She has limited time in Uganda, anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks and this time needs to be used wisely. Paying for the trip out of her own pocket as to maximise the dollar amount going to those who need it most.

What does an average day for Jo look like in Uganda?

Jo wakes up uncharacteristically early, she’s out the front waiting for Paul (our trusted friend and driver) with two coffees in hand and some take-away breakfast pastries. Having mapped out a program weeks prior, she heads to the first project. If it’s in the city the drive can be between 20mins to 2hrs away, depending on traffic. If she’s heading out West, they’re looking at, at least 5 hours’ drive time, if they’re lucky, before an appointment. Anywhere she goes Jo is literally welcomed with open arms. Principles welcome her with utmost respect, the kids literally run to embrace her and anyone in her path is oozing with respect, appreciation and love for her. It truly is a sight to see. The program says she has 2 hours at this appointment, but she gets held up talking projects and empowerment and leaves after 3.5 hours. An hour’s drive later she’s at her next appointment. The same thing happens. She leaves far behind the schedule and insists on ‘dropping in’ on a friend or another individual ChanCes helps.

By the time she gets back to her hotel it’s now 9pm and she’s exhausted. A quick dinner, mandatory glass of wine and she’s tucked in bed ready to do it all again the next day, and the next. For 3 – 6 weeks straight. Anyone who has travelled to Uganda with Jo sees her instantaneous transformation from Aussie Jo to this indefatigable giver of love, hope and kindness to many people who simply cannot believe their good fortune that Jo has entered their lives. She has a passion for people in need and sets out to help those who no one else can. The more success she has, the more determined she is to do more.

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Australian Contact
Jo Sykes
Phone: +61 2 9882 8000

Ugandan Contact
Lukenge Solomon
Country Manager
Phone: +256 752 396 849

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