South Sudan to Arua

Success Story: South Sudan to Aura
This is their story… This is the story of 5 orphaned children from South Sudan, a country in horrific warfare. Their father died in Juba after the 2014 uprising, then their mother died in local fighting. They were taken in and…

Godfrey Byokatunda

Success Story: Godfrey Byokatunda
This is my story… I am from the Bafumbira tribe on boarder of Congo/Rwanda & Uganda but they are definitely Ugandan’s! Me & my mum are not ok together. I became tough because I didn’t know my relatives and I tried asking about my…

Richard Weazher

Success Story: Richard Weazher
This is my story… It’s my pleasure to share with you my life story…I was a son to two parents who never married and both didn’t have attention and love for me. I went through a lot of sufferings because I was not recognised…

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