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ChanCes Charity is committed to giving children chances through sponsoring their education & building classrooms. We are very proud of the work we are doing in Uganda

The Basua Pygmies

The Basua Pygmies

Our Projects: The Basua Pygmies
Yes Pygmies. If someone had told us we would meet the King of the Basua Pygmies, complete with poison arrows and no taller than our belt buckles, I don’t think I would ever have believed it. For those of you unaware, pygmies are…

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Community Empowerment

Community Empowerment

Our Projects: Community Empowerment
It is true that we would rather support people than bricks and mortar, but every now and then, we come across a need that we feel duty bound to get behind, that involves building something. But rest assured we do not get involved in…

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Special Needs Children

Special Needs Children

Our Projects: Special Needs Children
Having a child with special needs, or having special needs yourself is hard enough in a developed country like Australia. But for someone living with special needs in a developing country like Uganda takes the difficulty to a whole…

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Our Original Boys

Our Original Boys

Our Projects: Our Original Boys
In what can only be described as fate, our involvement in Uganda began in 2008 when we offered to support a small orphanage in the slums of Kampala. A personal donation was sent each month to assist in the day-to-day running. We soon…

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Please help us to Give a Chance and Make a Change

Please Donate

Giving Chances to
 the children of 
Uganda through education sponsorship.

Give a Chance. Make a Change.

All donations go to providing education, family support and selected building projects to those most in need.

To make a donation please click the button below to go to the secure PayPal portal. Thank you for your support.

Contact Us

Australian Contact
Jo Sykes
Phone: +61 2 9882 8000

Ugandan Contact
Lukenge Solomon
Country Manager
Phone: +256 752 396 849

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