Robert Kakooza

Case Study: Robert Kakooza
NAME: Robert Kakooza
AGE: 25 years born 1992
LOCATION: Bukomansimbi, Masaka District
BACKGROUND: Excerpts taken from Robert’s story: Father has passed away. Mother was immoral and this forced father to leave. He lived in Kampala prior to his…

Joseph Mary

Case Study: Joseph Mary
NAME: Joseph Mary (Abdu) Kirembwe
AGE: born in 2006, December 16
LOCATION: Village in Masaka District.
BACKGROUND: 2011 Abdu had arrived at SHALOM. He was the youngest and sooo cute. All we knew was he had been brought by one of the previous…

South Sudan to Arua

Success Story: South Sudan to Aura
This is their story… This is the story of 5 orphaned children from South Sudan, a country in horrific warfare. Their father died in Juba after the 2014 uprising, then their mother died in local fighting. They were taken in and…

The Basua Pygmies

Our Projects: The Basua Pygmies
Yes Pygmies. If someone had told us we would meet the King of the Basua Pygmies, complete with poison arrows and no taller than our belt buckles, I don’t think I would ever have believed it. For those of you unaware, pygmies are…

Community Empowerment

Our Projects: Community Empowerment
It is true that we would rather support people than bricks and mortar, but every now and then, we come across a need that we feel duty bound to get behind, that involves building something. But rest assured we do not get involved in…

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